Welcome to Our Company!

Thang Long Model was established in 2001. We are one of the design company's first architecture model in Hanoi.

Since the design model is still made of cardboard, then Foocmec and now we have updated advance technology - Using Laser Technology - Using Mica material is imported - to bring the cutting engraving durability, aesthetic as well as accuracy is almost absolute.

With a team of architects have a lot of years' experience in the design model as in the direction of product quality is always the first priority we look forward to bringing our customers the best products with the high technology found beginning today.

Let us with you to design a unique architectural model. Come with us to feel the difference.

For further information please contact: (04) 66741298 or Mr.Hung 0985.266.988

Email: mohinhthanglong@yahoo.com.vn